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About MiOTA

MiOTA an ultra lightweight, anti-tracking browser with a pro-privacy built-in ‘quick search’ feature The MiOTA browser has built its own anti-tracking technology which does not rely on block-lists, but rather works by community consensus filtering of unsafe content.

Another flagship feature for MiOTA is a built-in quick search which lets users search directly in the browser so they don’t need to “detour” to a separate search engine, as they put it. The MiOTA browser for Android launched in Sept this year, and is built on chromium open source framework.

All About Privacy:

MiOTA features built-in privacy tools, including script disabling, stripping referrer details and automatic history clearing after a set amount of time.

There’s also an integrated adblocker and cookie manager installed (but not enabled) under the included extensions.


This app contains a unique ID that is linked to your device. There is no way to link this ID to you as an individual. We use this ID to auto-update your app and any extensions. We may also use this ID to collect information about the features you use and how often you use the app. We aggregate and anonymize this data to debug and improve the app and our services, and measure marketing campaigns.

We collect anonymized information about your device, including your Android ID, Advertising ID, and a hashed value of your IMEI. We use this data to debug and improve our products and to measure marketing campaigns.

You can use third-party search engines directly in MiOTA apps. The app sends your query to the engine, modifying the URL to make your search work with the third-party service. The app does not send any personal information with your search query.

You can share your geographic location with websites and services using MiOTA products. Google provides the location service we use in our products. You can read about their privacy policies at If you share your location to a website, your privacy is subject to their policies. We encourage you to share your location only to sites that you trust.

Geolocation shares information to Google about your actual location, such as your Wi-Fi connection or GPS data, and information about your approximate location, such as IP addresses or your mobile phone's ID. We do not collect or store any of this information. Google retrieves this data and sends it to the site using the World Wide Web Consortium's Geolocation API.

We use a fraud prevention framework and check the URLs you visit against lists of known, malicious websites to protect you online. We don't store or share this data.

If your MiOTA app crashes, we collect a log that includes some information about the version of your app, your MiOTAting system, the device you use and some memory data. We collect this data with the sole purpose of improving our products and services.